Bridgestone International PGA Tournament

But first a brief story of my history with golf and country see my video recap of the trip to the tournament scroll to the bottom. :]

   Growing up I was no stranger to country clubs and golf. My grandfather belonged to several Country Clubs to schmooze his accounting clients and my dad lived for golf. My dad had a heavy swing and he'd occasionally crack the head right off his drivers and use the shaft as his walking stick. He never went anywhere without a headless driving shaft. I'd often try and talk him into taking me golfing with him. On the few occasions he said "yes," I'd tire out three or four holes in and insist on driving around the golf cart the rest of the way. Despite him hating my erratic driving of the cart, he'd be happy that I was no longer slowing down his game. 

   My Border Collie Suzie lived for golf too. My dad would chip golf balls in the side yard and Suzie loved chasing them. Then one day she caught a ball straight in her teeth before it hit the ground. I still remember the sound of it clanking in her mouth and the fear that it possibly busted all her teeth. Thankfully she was fine, but she wasn't aloud to play golf anymore after that. 

   Don't worry! Suzie was plenty happy living out the rest of her days playing frisbee and being blasted in the face with the hose. 

  I have fond memories of eating at the Country Club when I was a grade school kid. The food was usually pretty fancy at these events. I remember seashell ice scupltures filled with cold shrimp. Shrimp cocktail was one of my favorite foods when I was seven. It wasn't until I was much, much older that I realized that not every kid spent time at Country Clubs on the weekend. 

  Every year my grandpa would take me to the Easter Egg Hunts at Brookside Country Club with a search for giant golden eggs and a stark white little lamb to pet tethered to the flag poll. Aside from Easter these events weren't real kid friendly. I was usually the only kid eating in the giant ballroom with the white linen covered tables. 

  Bridgestone International is expanding the audience for their tournaments. My visit to this years World Golf Championship showed a family friendly event with a wide variety of food, drinks and activities that appeal to everyone in the family. Before you consider golf too boring or stuffy for you and the kids, I urge you to check out my video from the event. I had a non-stop blast eating my way from one end of the course to the other.