Superior Pho is Un-pho-gettable


I’ve heard more than once that Superior Pho has some of the best Vietnamese food in the greater Cleveland area and after trying their banh mi at the Cleveland Asian festival, I’m not sure why it’s taken us so long to get there. I love this type of restaurant. They don’t worry about décor or some type of ‘hook’; they put all their energy into making awesome food quickly and affordably. I heard the diners next to us declare that it is a most fulfilling and cheap way to get ready for a night on the town. We decided to order the combo meals so we could get a little taste of big portion of their menu. The food took less than 5 minutes to reach our table even though it was a bustling Friday night. My dinner companion ordered meal #4. A piping hot fried spring roll and the Vietnamese sandwich. The sandwich was just as good as it was at the Asian Festival maybe even better with the addition of sriracha.

 Superior Pho - Vietnamese sandwich - Bahn Mi

I went for meal #3 with a spring roll, chicken cabbage salad and small #3 pho. The pho was great and very large considering it was a ‘small’ size. But the star was the chicken cabbage salad. The cabbage was sliced so thin my dining companion thought it was noodles and it had a very liberal amount of rau ram – which is one of my favorite flavors.

 Superior Pho - Pho and Chicken Cabbage Salad

I stopped by today for lunch to try meal #6 - grilled marinated pork on broken rice with a summer roll. The summer roll was very fresh and full of herbs. And the sauce was awesome – peanut sauce with a dollop of Sriracha floating in the middle. The pork was juicy and slightly charred and full of flavor. With the cucumbers, pickled veggies and seasoned fish sauce, it was a great combination. My only complaint is that I’m so full it’s hard to keep my eyes open… ;]

 Superior Pho -  Grilled Marinated Pork on Broken Rice with a Summer Roll

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