Best Tuesday Deal: Hodge's 2 for $40

If you like to eat out a lot it's good to know where the bargains are. Hodge's 2 for $40 Tuesdays is a fantastic deal! 1 starter, 2 entrées + bottle of wine = 40 bucks Let's not forget that you also get tater tots and the greatest fucking cornbread in the world for that $40.

wild mushroom and ohio city pasta gnocchi

Loved, loved, loved the wild mushroom and ohio city pasta gnocchi. It tasted as good as it looks. The mushrooms and grapes are a great combination with the always fresh ohio city pasta.

Hodge's wild mushroom and ohio city pasta gnocchi hanger steak

I spent about 5 years of my life as a vegetarian and still don't eat much steak or red meat, but this hanger steak is a must order! Having a steak this good reaffirms my decision to eat meat. Everything about it was beautiful. It went so well with the tomato-ginger beans. The potato shards blew my mind! They had that 'just fried fair fries' taste that I go to the fair every year just to experience.

Hodge's hanger steak grilled half chicken

What a manly dish! (Just an FYI if you go to dinner with me I will be eating some of your food.) This chicken was so moist and fall off the bone perfect. You can't go wrong pairing juicy chicken with a creamy mac and cheese. This dish went really well with the cornbread! The cornbread alone is worth a trip to Hodge's. It is like a cornbread cookie/cake with a bourbon butter that makes it even more out of this world. I've had some decently satisfying dreams about Hodge's cornbread.

hodge's grilled half chicken When people come from out of town to visit this is on the top of my list for a good "this is Cleveland" dinner option. Chris Hodgson is all over the Food Network making Cleveland so proud! Viva la Rust Belt Revival!

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