Addiction Worthy Barroco Grill


You know when you are so into eating your meal that you completely forget to interact with your dining companions? That is addiction worthy food and Barroco Grill has that kind of food. Before I ever had a bite of Barroco's food, I fell hard for the atmosphere. Strings of lights, including lightup spiders and skeletons, glittery painted mural on the wall, unique touches are everywhere.

The place (Lakewood Location) was packed last night for the BYOB + Live Painting session with local artist, Anthony Martino. I picked up a few of his paintings that he gave me a 2 for deal on.


I still have a lot to try on the Barroco grill, but I already have some dishes I love so much that I can't not get them!

If I am up for an appetizer, it's got to be the cheesy corn. Dip arepa fries (fried polenta triangles) into cheesy corn. The chicken inside is just a bonus and the bacon is the the cherry on top. I have to admit that a ate a few bitefulls straight from the spork.

Barroco Grill Cheesy Corn

You can't go wrong ordering an arepa, but there are other gems on the menu as well. I adore the Sandwich Cubano and I am not the only one. Momocho chef, Eric Williams, loves them and always orders two.

Barroco Grill Sandwich Cubano

What makes this place such a dream to me though is the sauces. They always bring out this carrier with five different sauces on it. Not only is it fun to try each sauce each time, it makes each bite of food more interesting. I love mixing the hot sauce with the big mac style sauce to dip french fries. I really dig the pineapple sauce on the Cubano. I am a sauce junkie!

Barroco Grill Sauces

My dinner companion ordered the Bistec a Caballo! Sexy, right? It was. A 12 oz. strip in a tomato and onion sauce with a poached egg on top. When I finally looked over to ask how it was it was almost gone, but it went something like this - "How is it?" "The only thing that could make this steak better is you being topless." There was just enough left over to take home and use for Sunday morning breakfast in bed omelet fillings.

Barroco Gril Bistec a Caballo

I haven't had the pleasure of visiting the downtown location yet. If you've checked it out let me know what you tried.

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