New Brunch in Town Packs Some Heat

I love weekend brunch! There are so many great choices in Cleveland, but one quick look at Jezebel's Bayou new brunch menu and I was sold. You can't hate on a place that has desserts on the brunch menu. Dessert sounded like a great place to start my Saturday so I ordered the beignets with coffee. The beignets were amazing yes, but the coffee and cream alone were worth the trip out. They make a special coffee creamer that was so sweet and delicious that I skipped the sweeteners all together.


My dining companion ordered the Eggs Jezebel, which came with poached eggs and creole sauce over the house jambalaya. It packed some serious heat! Each kind of meat had its own flare of flavors making every bite I stole of the jambalaya different. While it was hot and spicy, it wasn't just hot to be hot. It had real spice to it and enough heat to excite me, but not burn my taste buds. To me, the sign of a good spicy dish is that balance of heat and flavor.


I love crab and I don't get to eat it enough of it living in Ohio and all so I went for the Eggs Bayou. Lump crab meat and a crawfish cream sauce! Yes, please! This was over the top excellent. Another dish with a perfect blend of spice and heat. The crab had a real smokiness to it that I enjoyed.  I was really impressed with the flavors on every dish and can't wait to go back and try dinner.


What a great location for having brunch. Enjoy some fantastic food and then browse the shops on the street. Loganberry Books is an incredible book shop you could easily loose yourself in for hours. I picked up a few great finds. Smoke & Pickles, southern cooking with an Asian twist, and a signed copy of the Book of Bourbon, which includes some cool recipes as well.


Have you tried Jezebel's? Let me know what you ordered.

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