Campfire Cooking at Berlin Lake

I've picked up many cooking skills over the years by wathcing my husband, Matt. He's a natural cook both in and out of the kitchen. And many of my favorite meals over the years were made out of the kitchen and in the back yard. I'm not talking BBQ grill, although we've had many a tasty meal on the Weber. I'm talking about cooking on the fire pit, the thai outdoor stove, the portable propane wok burner, and the smoker. 

Matt takes cooking outdoors to new levels with his interesting gadgets and techniques, but it's no wonder where he learned these skills. My father-in-law has been cooking outside in cast iron pots using hot coals for years. Every year he participates in the Algonquin Mill Festival and dresses in 18th century clothing while cooking like our ancestors once did. 

In view of the festival goers my in-laws make soups, stews, breads, pies, and coffee the old fashioned way, over hot coals in cast iron under the colorful leaves of October trees. The food is then used to feed the spinners and weavers guild who line up in their ruffled shirts and waistcoats to scoop up a full plate of bubbly hot grub. 

While cooking outdoors can be a major task for some, the in-laws are pros. We had an easy and delicious meal of baked beans, BBQ chicken thighs and peach cobbler all made outside on the fire pit and hot coals for Labor Day weekend.