Choose Your Own Hotdog Adventure

Andy Caps Hotdog

HotdogsI love Happy Dog! The concept of this place alone is brilliant! A hotdog, a bun and a list of 50 toppings to choose from, allowing you to create your own hotdog adventure! The list of 50 toppings can be overwhelming for a foodie because there are some outrageously unique creations on the list. Just to name a few:

- Bacon-balsamic marmalade - Oaxacan red chole and chocolate mole - "Alien" pickle relish - House made chunky peanut butter - "Everything Bagel" cream cheese

My trick to creating a delicious hotdog adventure has been to pick one topping I can't go without and build from that. I go with just one cheese, one sauce and two other things. I can craft a 4 toppings creation with a pretty good profile if I center all items around that must do topping. While, I love pimento mac-n-cheese and peanut butter, I don't love them together. Thankfully, those are both excellent with applewood smoked bacon. ;]

My latest adventure was centered around the Andy Cap Hot Fries (pictured up top). I added the Happy Dog sloppy joes, Rising Star Coffee and ancho BBQ sauce, and some cheddar cheese. It made for one badass combo!

There is also an extensive list of toppings and sides to go along with the tater tots/fries. (I am a sucker for a good sauce list.) With a $5 hotdog and $3 tater tots, you can have a cheap and filling meal, leaving you with some cash to burn on cocktails and pinball.

Friday the 13th

Crooked River Blues Band - Check them out on Facebook.

Happy Dog has events or music most nights of the week. I watched Friday the 13th in the basement lounge while the Crooked River Blues Band played upstairs. On weekend afternoons it's a fun lunch joint for families. There is something for everyone here! Try it and you'll be hooked.

Follow Happy Dog for info on music, events and find out about burger night:

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