My Christmas Gift to You!

Hey! Thanks for reading this. I truly do appreciate it. 

Another year is coming to a close and I feel lucky for the year I have had. The New Year holds a lot of cool projects and exciting food adventures around Cleveland. I can't wait to get started. 

Keep a look out for my upcoming Cleveland food podcast, CLEfoodcast, with Lauren Kluth of Cleseats, who is launching an exclusive Cleveland dining deals app in the early New Year. 

If you are familiar with my food truck, Wok n Roll, you may know that I'm on a mission to introduce more people to Asian flavors. Brendan and Josh of Night Market Cleveland have a similar mission. We are teaming up to bring an Asiatown food tour to Cleveland launching in the next few months. 

To show my appreciation for all the support from you, the readers/friends/followers, I'm giving you a piece of my Christmas tradition. Every year my grandma, Jet, makes over 100 dozen Christmas cookies to give to her family as gifts. Below is my gift to you, a link to all her Christmas cookie recipes! 

Download Jet's Christmas Cookies

Have a safe and happy holiday!