WARNING! Mama Jo Homestyle Pie's are Addictive

As a blogger I get offered free stuff every now and then. I don't always say 'yes' to free stuff, but when I got offered some Mama Jo Homestyle Pies I jumped on the chance. Not that I've been a big pie connoisseur, but my husband loves pies more than any other dessert so I thought he would pout if I passed it up. 

I grew up in Stark county where amazing Amish pies were a short drive away. A pie was present at almost every family get together. I always indulged, but pie was never on my list of favorite things, until I tried Mama Jo's. I kid you not, these pies are amazing! 

Mama Jo's Pies are thick, beautiful and hold together well. No one wants to cut into a deflated, thin pie, these are so thick you can get a lot of good size slices out of it. When you remove a slice of apple pie all the apple filling doesn't pour into the open space and the top doesn't separate from the filling. The flavors are bold and the fruits and custards are fresh. 

I tired the Caramel Apple Walnut and the French Silk. Both of these I highly recommend. They have the perfect sweetness level. You aren't going to get a sweets hangover from a slice of this pie. It's incredibly balanced and high quality which in my opinion make it better than any of the Amish pies I grew up with. The Caramel Apple Walnut is a hearty pie. I was impress how well it held together especially with a thick tip top crust. The French Silk is oh so rich! Never had a better French Silk anything. 

Now don't think I'm just raving over these pies because they gave me a couple free ones. I've been buying these pies now every single time I see them with my own money. I've had the Banana Split which I also highly recommend. I thought this would be a banana pie with a few strawberries and that chocolate drizzle on top...oh no, this is far more than that. There is a layer of bananas, a layer of strawberries and a layer of chocolate under that beautiful whipped cream. I was incredibly impressed! 

I have also since had the Caramel Apple Walnut again. Its that good! Then I also tried the Blueberry as a mini pie. It's great that they come in a variety of sizes. They have a 6", 8", and 10". You can occasionally find them in a local grocery store. When I spot them I pounce! If you don't see them at your local grocery give them a call or order from the website.  You can be the hit of any party by bringing one of these pies. I have been converted!