The Chomp | The Pour

Sweet! The Mobile Cupcakery

I love food trucks! I especially love when multiple food trucks are gathered so I can try things from multiple trucks and/or grab something to take home for later. Obviously, I am not alone, if you've been to Walnut Wednesday you've seen the crowds lining up to grab lunch at our awesome Cleveland food trucks. Now we also have the Chomp and the Pour at East 46th and Euclid! The Chomp is there every Tuesday and the Pour is the last Thursday of each month. Since these are new events they don't have the long lines of Walnut Wednesday yet, so get while the gettin is good! There were tons of tables and places to chill while eating. They had an awesome portable jukebox at the Pour, plus a little potty/handwash station. And the food of course, was AWESOME!

The Chomp | The Pour


The Chomp The line up for the Chomp on 5/28/2013: - The Orange Trük - The Nosh Box - Pigaliscious - Mobile Sushi Bar- Sushi on the Roll - Mason's Creamery - Cleveland Baking Company

Mobile Sushi is the first mobile sushi bar in the Midwest! They have lots of different sushi rolls as well as wheat tortilla wraps. I love sushi so I was all over this. I ordered the spider roll they had on special. Excellent sushi! You'd never imagine this quality of sushi from a food truck. They also had some creative desserts I am excited to try. I'm a fan!

Mobile Sushi - Spider Roll

The Orange Trük has a great pulled pork sandwich topped with a nice fresh slaw. The trük balls are an awesome little side with a nice kickin' sauce.

There is nothing better on a hot Cleveland day than some ice cream. We had the pleasure of trying some Mason's Creamery ice cream at the Asian Festival and loved it! No way were we passing up a chance to have it again. They have great unique flavors and offer vegan choices as well. The Vietnamese coffee ice cream (top) is out of this world! Sweetened condensed milk is a beautiful thing. Early Grey ice cream (bottom) is not something I have ever encountered before. It was lovely! It had a subtle berry flavor to it which I loved.

Mason's Creamery - Earl Grey and Vietnamese Coffee

We also grabbed some Pigaliscious cubans to take home for dinner. Amazing cubans! Can't wait to pick up some of those again.

The Pour The line up for the Pour on 5/30/2013: - Cleveland BBQ Company - Mobile Sushi Bar- Sushi on the Roll - The Nosh Box - StrEat Mobile Bistro - The Rolling Stove (If you've got a link for them please let me know) - Wholly Frijoles Mexican Street Foods - Sweet! Mobile Cupcakery - Mason's Creamery - Portside Distillery

Cleveland BBQ Company is a must try truck! Look at the smoke rings on that brisket!! Don't worry, it's hard to miss since it is a giant green military vehicle that stands so high you need to stand on a big metal box to order. It looked so cool I couldn't resist and the food was amazing. Brisket, corned beef and sriracha potato salad. You had me a sriracha! They also make their own sauces which are all tasty. The Cleveland Gold on the smoked corned beef was an excellent combo. Love this truck! Cleveland BBQ Company

The best thing about the Pour is drinking outside! I love to get my drink on outdoors. Portside Distillery had two beers on hand for the event.  The "216" Dry Hopped Session Ale (left) and Maelstrom Scotch Ale (right). You couldn't go wrong with either one, but the Maelstrom rocked my world! It was incredibly sweet and went down easy. I must have more!

Portside Distillery Our love of great ice cream sent us back to Mason's Creamery again! They truly have wonderful ice cream. Seek them out for sure. This time we went for the olive oil ice cream, which is vegan, and had these great little candied oranges.

Mason's Creamery - Vegan Olive Oil Ice Cream

We topped off this food truck feast with a strawberry lemonade cupcake from Sweet! Mobile Cupcakery, which tasted every bit as good as it looked! You can have your cupcake and eat it too at the Chomp and the Pour! I hope to see more people join in for the upcoming Chomp and Pour. I know I will be there!

Sweet! Mobile Cupcakery - Strawberry Lemonade Cupcake

Do you have a favorite Cleveland Food Truck? What is it?